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The Infotagion Podcast with Damian Collins MP

Apr 30, 2020


Are virus tracker apps the answer to managing life post-lockdown? How has Singapore used technology to stop COVID-19 misinformation and fight the virus? Damian Collins MP gets the view from the ground with Singaporean academics Dr Shashi Jayakumar and Dr Carol Soon. They are joined by Tom Pressley,...

Apr 27, 2020

Could Google or Facebook predict whether you have COVID-19? With society relying on social media over news media during the pandemic, are we more susceptible to misinformation? Damian Collins MP is joined this week by Shoshana Zuboff, Professor at Harvard Business School and author of Surveillance Capitalism. Alongside...

Apr 23, 2020

Is COVID-19 disinformation from Russia and China on the rise? This week Damian Collins MP is joined by writer Edward Lucas and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue’s CEO Sasha Havlicek to discuss. Iconic Labs’ John Quinlan and fake news expert Dr Charles Kriel analyse trends in Infotagion’s work this week.

Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to a new podcast from Infotagion, an independent fact-checking service to combat fake news about the Coronavirus. This is the first major public health crisis in the age of social media disinformation and Infotagion exists to try and make sense of it. Hosted by Damian Collins MP, co-founder of Infotagion...